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"Shifting Between Worlds"  aka The Crow

OriginaI in private collection - Giclée printing is closed

"Shifting Between Worlds" - Crow is the keeper of sacred law and can bend the physical laws of the universe to "shape shift." The ancient chiefs tell us that Crow simultaneously sees the three fates: past, present, and future. To walk the path of crow medicine, be willing to speak your truth, know your life's mission, balance your past and future in the now. Your reality is always your own creation, so call on Crow and shape shift to become your future self.

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the art of ann crossland


"Green Corn" - Original in private collection 

Giclée available by request. Contact artist for sizing & pricing.

"Green Corn" - Before the Cherokee Green Corn festival, honorable women performed a religious dance and decided when the festival would be held.  An arch was built with green branches, making an arbor in the ceremonial grounds. The evening before the Green Corn Ceremony, all the clans took a branch that they used the next day during a noon ritual. Participants drank a special tea called a "Black Drink" which was used for cleansing and purifying. The people would  dance for 4 days while feasting on fresh game and corn.

"Earth Guardian"

Low-relief acrylic on canvas, cherry frame.

Dimensions: 24"H x 48"L canvas

$800 - Original

Giclée available by request. Contact artist for sizing & pricing.

Many Native Americans  refer to North America as "Turtle Island" because the teachings say that when the earth was covered with water, Turtle dove to the bottom of the oceans bringing up earth on its back so the people could have a safe and dry home.   Turtle medicine gives you the power of the earth, the waters of the earth, and the magic of the heavens, for Turtle symbolizes both the grounding quality of earth energy, and the magic of the mystical.